We are a small, flexible team working for the UK Parliament, with a passion for building user-friendly & accessible digital applications.

UK Parliament – Digital development from Rapid Apps

The Rapid Apps team is developing new and innovative ways to help with digital development for the UK Parliament.

This site is our “basecamp” where you can find out about the work we are doing, things we are planning to do, some code we’ve either written or discovered and hope people will find useful, interesting or both as well as, perhaps most importantly, some interactive examples and betas of some of the work we’ve been doing in the world of digital for you to play with and let us know what is good, what is less good and what could be evolved to better suit the needs of the world at large.

Much of what we create is purely for an internal audience – our systems are built to improve the day to day lives of those who work here. We strive to help our internal users to move to electronic systems that save time and money whilst enabling them to use their skills and expertise in the best way possible to assist in the work of Members, Peers and their staff.

Some of what comes out of these internal systems though is hopefully useful and interesting to those in the world outside Westminster. Although Parliament has a long term data strategy, we will release beta content and possible APIs based on the systems we build as soon as we can for anyone who would like to have a look. We are happy to hear any feedback as well, but of course cannot guarantee we’ll be able to action everything.

So have a read of our blog , see what systems we’ve been building and have a go at some of our HTML5 (nothing native at the moment) apps that are consuming some of the beta services we’ve built as well as some more official ones.