Monthly Archives: January 2015


Our latest piece of work is a new website,, aimed at engaging members of the general public in the work of Parliament, so that they can easily find out about key business that has taken place and can follow the activities of individual Members.

As well as being able to browse debates, votes and review historical composition of the Houses of Parliament, you can type a word or phrase into our search engine and find Members by name, location and, for MPs, constituency. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also search the text of speeches and oral questions, the text of written questions and answers as well as the text of Early Day Motions. All your results are shown in one place and you can explore more detail from there.

We’ve also built a set of profile pages for Members, where data from a number of sources is collated in order to provide a view centred on the individual Member.

The site is now in its first public beta release and we would very much like to hear your feedback about what content we’ve made available so far, its presentation (we’re particularly proud of Hansard), and what you might like to see in the future – we would love to add some more ideas to our list below.

Some of the work that will be released over the next few weeks includes…

  • A richer search engine. e.g.

Show me all the Lords with an interest in education

Who is the Home Secretary?

What EDMs have been tabled this week?

What questions did a particular MP ask last month?

Show me last weeks PMQs

  • Including financial interests of Commons and Lords members
  • Information about upcoming Parliamentary debates and events
  • Much more!

Most importantly of all, the site is designed to be used on any device from a smartphone to a tablet to a desktop and is simple to read and use. Please feel free to share this as widely as possible with anyone you feel would be interested.

I hope you find it a useful tool and please do follow us @digiminster or keep an eye on our blog for future work on this and other applications going forward.