We are a small, flexible team working for the UK Parliament, with a passion for building user-friendly & accessible digital applications.


Our team has built a number of HTML5 apps to showcase Parliamentary data in some new and interesting ways.

We have a strategy to build as HTML5 first as we want to make these apps as accessible to as many people as possible quickly and at a low development cost. Plus we have little need for native functionality at this point. We will be trying out some things that mean we can deploy via app stores, but for now this is the place to find our mobile apps!

The MP Finder HTML5 appMP Finder - The MP finder app allows you to find your MP, or the MP for anywhere in the country by browsing a map and clicking on the area you are interested in. Links to contact details of members are provided so you can get in touch about the issues that concern you.

Quizminster - do you know your MPs and Peers?Quizminster - Do you know your MPs and Lords? Do you want to? Then try out this fun picture quiz and put names to faces. Designed to help Parliamentary doorkeepers keep up to speed with identifying members we are sure it will be useful to anyone who wants to brush up on their Parliamentary knowledge!