Digital Democracy

Some of the team have just got back from a marketplace event for the Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy.

There were a number of interesting “stalls” at this event, ranging from some very exciting (and Silverlight free) work by the A/V team, to the latest from the upcoming Question and Answer system.

What was most pleasing for me was to see some of the applications created by the Rapid Apps Team being shown off by our customers to those attending the session. The new Order Paper system,  electronic voting for the Lords and the Committee Evidence portal were all on display and attracting a lot of interest from MPs, clerks, students and digital champions alike.

Of course, always being on the lookout to promote some of our digital prototypes, I handed out a few cards with the URL to our new HTML5 mobile app MP Finder

As the first live app (beta!) the team has built we are hoping it gets some positive feedback.

The event was hosted in the Speaker’s state rooms in the palace. Now there is a pretty spectacular river view to be had from there should anyone want a motivation to become speaker. On the downside, living that close to Big Ben must really put a dent in the quality of sleep you get. I guess go to bed after midnight to avoid the worst of the noise!

Matt Stutely

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Dev manager/scrum master/tech lead of the Parliamentary rapid apps team. Trying hard to get development done a little bit better with every passing sprint!