Hello world!

Hello world indeed.┬áThis is the blog of the Parliamentary Rapid Apps Team. A troubling acronym if ever there was one, but I promise it’s no reflection on our work!

The team was set up late last year with a remit to try to do things a bit differently to how development has been done in the past. Broadly speaking, our goals are:

  • To work very closely with our customers – internal at present but hopefully external customers in the future – to create applications that improve the workflows and day to day lives of staff behind the scenes at the Houses of Parliament, and to do this quickly and efficiently using an agile, iterative development methodology.
  • To try to provide some useful data sets based on the applications we are creating.
  • To build some apps that consume these and other pre-existing data sets to demonstrate what can be done to make our data more interesting. It is possible!

What I’m hoping is that over time this will become a useful resource of information about some of the development projects underway at Parliament. I’ll share alpha/beta versions of some of the systems and/or data services we’re building to get feedback from potential users. With a bit of luck, we’ll share some code as well.

So that’s the introduction. I aim to post something at least once a sprint (fortnightly) but we’ll see how that goes…

Matt Stutely

About Matt Stutely

Dev manager/scrum master/tech lead of the Parliamentary rapid apps team. Trying hard to get development done a little bit better with every passing sprint!