Interactive Research Paper – General Elections

Ahead of the 2015 General Election, we have been working with colleagues in the statistics section of the House of Commons Library to produce a new site that can be used to display detailed information about election results to a wide audience. We present General Elections Online – or GEO for short.

The statistics team already produce a research paper after every election, however this incorporates a very detailed analysis and therefore takes time to produce. It is also only created as a pdf which means it isn’t as digital as we would like it to be, so this site is really the first fully interactive research paper produced by the Commons Library!

Right now it contains data up to and including the 2010 election. You can review a map of the UK with constituencies colour coded by party, see results at constituency, county, regional and country level with historical data going back to 1992. It is also possible to review data for each party that won a seat, and delve into a big bucket of statistics. What is the 371st safest seat in the Commons*? You can find out on the statistics section of our site…

It’s our first version, there is still work to be done – we want to allow searching by postcode and constituency name, as well as making it look a little better on smaller devices. Right now its responsive down to a tablet size (landscape is better), but we will make it more phone friendly soon.

And then we’ll be testing with mock 2015 data, so that as soon as possible after results are declared next May, the site will allow you to see what has happened on the electoral map. More detail will, of course, still be available via the next research paper for those keen on in-depth analysis.

*It’s York Central BTW.

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