This sprint we have mostly been…

Over the last couple of weeks the team have been working primarily on two projects for colleagues in the House of Lords.

The first of these is a new system for the recording of divisions. Currently a paper based system is used by division clerks to record how members vote when a division is called. We have been asked to create a new electronic system that will allow the clerks to record votes on a touch screen device and submit their results to a central location (the table office for those familiar with parliamentary process). The clerks in the table office will then verify the division, add some metadata and submit the results into our internal systems, including the soon to be launched data.parliament platform so that records of how lords are voting, and what they are voting on will be available to any interested party as quickly as is possible. Plus it will save a ton of paper! We’ve been working on this system for a few sprints now and are hoping we will see it go live over the summer.

Next up we have begun development on a similar concept, the recording of attendance for members of the Lords. Peers get an allowance based on the days on which they are sitting in the house so ensuring this information can quickly and easily be captured is very important. Thanks to the work completed on the divisions project this piece of development is much easier than it otherwise would have been and we will be showing the first iteration to our customers at our fortnightly showcase tomorrow. Donuts are hoped for…

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